Top 10 Fall Coat Trends That Will Carry Over Into Winter!

Updated: Sep 23, 2018

Coats and Outwear!

The Top 10 Trends to Cover All of Your Seasonal Coat Needs

If you live anywhere as cold, or colder than Lethbridge, you need a coat - and a good one at that. Honestly, it already feels like winter is approaching as we are nearing 0 degrees.

So, in light of this, COATS (outerwear) are the true staple for fall and winter this year, in terms of fashion and function! And while you might be thinking, "It's obvious I need a jacket for this weather, this is not new", I am here to explain the importance of this piece and trends this year. I will also touch on how they can fit into YOUR wardrobe going forward. There has been a wide variety of styles on many runways preceding this cold season, so I wanted to share with everyone some of the top trends that will become accessible to everyone this season, that are not at all your average staple coat.


1. Animal Print / Faux Fur

Why buy? These are usually neutral tonnes that do pair well with almost everything when you pick the right print. What exactly is the right print? The right print is not necessarily exclusive to what I personally think, BUT I do believe subtlety in animal print or faux fur colors can go along way - simply the idea that "less is more". However, if you have a wild/charismatic personality feel free to go crazy with this one and let your true self shine.

2. Diversified Trench

You may already have a trench coat in your wardrobe, which is great because it is an excellent option to have as a coat. What I mean by diversified trench is something more cutting edge than what typically comes to mind. A unique cut, colour, embellishment, or belt added to make people take a second look. If you don't want to buy new coat, try a new color or style of belt to wrap around your coat to change up your look! Or even a gorgeous brooch, and no these don't have to be exclusive to elderly ladies!

3. Checkered Style Coats

THESE ARE SO CHIC. Obviously this is my personal opinion, but this, as an over-piece or outer layer can truly "level up" your outfit. Especially if you tend to dress more minimalistic. Plus there are so many variations that you can definitely find one that will suit you best.


This one word, I know can be unsettling to some when it comes to clothing. However it is a really easy way to change up your every day wear, and it can be a no brainer since it could be one of the only coats your may own this season. So you'll have to wear it! It also does not have to be a stark and intense colour, light subtle colours are truly in trend and will work for you for seasons to come.

5. Boucle / Teddy / Shearling (Faux)

Not only are these typically super soft and super cozy, they are perfect to pair with a pair of basic trousers or denim of your choice! Pick a neutral tone or soft colour to match it with almost anything. The comfort of this piece alone will have you living in it through the cold weather.

6. Puffer

Ah, the puffer jacket. Previously thought of as the coat that puts functions before fashion, but is now incredibly fashionable! It comes in all sorts of cuts and colours now too! My personal favourites are the one that are knee length and keep you extra warm! The best part, there is literally no wrong way to wear this piece, everyone knows that it is meant to ultimately keep you warm.

7. Faux Leather / Suede

From the classic waist length Moto jacket to a knee length trench, faux leather and suede are having a moment this year for winter apparel, and I am here for it! A very uncommon choice for most (as far as the knee length coats go), this trend will make you stand out from the crowd.

8. Wool / Felt Look

Always a classic and in good taste, are these coats that you most likely see every single fall/winter season, that are in a variety of blends, and tend to look either like wool or felt. These are some of the most dynamic coats that can be worn with basically anything you may own. This in my opinion is worth the investment.

9. Capes and Blankets

Cape and Blanket coats are a more recent trend for this fall and winter, but were widely popular in the 1800's. You could easily incorporate this trend into your wardrobe this fall/winter as it is similar to the common felt or wool styles, but both have slightly different designs and structure. This coat is an excellent way to change up your style if you are used to more basic styles.

10. Neutral Tones

Always a winner in my books, neutral toned over pieces and outerwear pair extremely well season after season with all sorts of colour palettes. Easy on the eyes, and can build chic monochromatic looks, these coats will pull together an entire outfit!

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