"Where Did You Get That?" "I Love It!"

Today I am sharing where I bought everything I am wearing, why I bought it, the cost, why I picked the colours, etc. You get what I mean ;)!

My purse from the photo is Kate Spade New York, but I actually bought it at Winners (for less than half the price of a brand new Kate Spade). I picked this one because of its sleek black colour, and amazing structure with gold accents! (My personal favourite). Unless you are going for a more boho/relaxed vibe, I always find it best to buy purses that look clean and sharp (colour wise black and neutral colours pair well with a wider variety of clothes than colourful bags, making them smarter investments), and have a strong structure, compared to a flappy tote bag you might take travelling. This way you are always sure to add a touch of elegance to your everyday outfits if your intention is to look professional! If your style is more laid back and you do not have to follow a dress code at work - by all means go for the slouchy-chic crossbody with cool details!

The pieces in this photo I would consider must haves are the wool-like grey trench coat, the off-white long sleeve under layer, the black denim! The coat I recently purchased from Dynamite, a Canadian clothing company that has amazing sales! I am not kidding you, I bought this gorgeous fitting coat for $60 and I am already wearing it non-stop. The black denim jeans are from American Eagle Outfitters, which I purchased a long side another plain blue pair for 25% off of both. I almost never buy anything from there that isn't on some kind of sale because they always have sales. I highly recommend waiting for a sale to come if you happen to find something you like on the off day when the store has no sales. One will come right away, and it will be worth the wait! Lastly, the off-white long sleeve shirt I layered under my blouse is a Target special! It was probably $10 when I bought it 5 years ago, and I layer it under summer tanks and dress in the winter to get extra wear out of everything I own. It also looks super chic on its own when tucked into black bottoms (dress pants, jeans, skirts).

My Booties are Steve Madden BUT they were also bought at Winners for like half the price, and they work so well with everything I own! Black lace up booties are definitely a wardrobe must have - you can wear them with any bottoms as well as dresses. I love colour in my wardrobe don't get me wrong, but I am sharing this outfit because I want to show everyone just how great all black/neutral tones look together! It is important to have these colours in your wardrobe to balance out the bright, flashy pieces that some of us own.

Lastly my blouse! It was on sale for more than 60% off at American Eagle Outfitters and looks amazing the whole year round. The embroidery/eyelet detailing kicks my outfit up a notch as opposed to just a plain black t-shirt and makes it a focal point. It is an empire waist line without the maternity look, which I love because I don't always like tucking my shirts in. This keeps me feeling comfortable and confident!

I wanted to point out one last thing, MY WARDROBE MAKES ME HAPPY! It's why I am smiling the way I am in the photos above. It makes me feel confident and amazing every day. I am still building my wardrobe piece by piece, but I truly believe that what makes people wonder "Where You Got That?!" is the fact that you look so DAMN confident and great in the clothes that fit and work for you as a person. This is why I love to help women understand what to buy! Everyone loves being told that someone loves their shirt or dress, etc, AND THEN being asked where they got it from!

Below are links to the items I shared as well as some similar ones!

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