I have something BIG and SPECIAL to share, that will be incorporated into my blog, Instagram (@sullywittrock), and Facebook going forward. I am now affiliated with!

Some of you may already know what this is, and what it means, which is amazing! (Start downloading the app and following my outfit posts!) However, some of you may have read that, and thought "What???", so below is an explanation. describes themselves as "the single largest influencer shopping channel and consumer media platform". The way I would describe it is as a "one-stop-shop" for today's modern, fun, bright, and authentic women to shop all of the best clothing out there RIGHT NOW. is first and foremost an app that allows you to view the fashion and clothing you find inspiring, and would like to see in your own wardrobe. Downloading the app is the best place to start because it houses all of the influencers in one place, plus it puts you just a tap away from finding all of the articles of clothing you want.

You can shop my wardrobe and photos on Instagram or Facebook just by taking a screenshot, and then opening the app where you will then find my post in your "my likes" section with all of the outfit details linked, and shop-able.


You can shop with just one click here on my website! Going forward you will be able to find shop-able links in my 'shop' section, and all of my blog posts will contain the shop-able links as well. When you shop on my website you won't even need the app! You will be instantly re-directed in a new tab to the article of clothing you clicked on, to IMMEDIATELY shop it! It's that easy - HOW EXCITING IS THAT?! If you like shopping as much as me its pretty f***ing exciting! On the flip side this is also really exciting if you hate the whole process of shopping because it will make it easier!

So why am I sharing this news with you?

I am always looking for ways to improve the ease of shopping, outfitting, and wardrobe building for those of you that come to my website or social media looking for tips, outfits, and more. Creating specialized content for you, that will now have the ability to be shopped in a matter of seconds, is important to me because it is an easy step to optimizing your shopping and wardrobe experiences!

The second reason for creating this post is so I can be absolutely clear and honest from the begin about my affiliation with *When you make purchases off of my direct links I will make a commission.* However, the price is still the same price, it does not cost more to buy through my links just because I make a commission. I also want everyone to know this because what I share with you, I genuinely think can be great additions to your wardrobe and life!

SO head over to my 'shop' section to see what I've got my eyes on.


Visit my Instagram to check out some of my latest shop-able posts indicated by the captions that include "" and screenshot my look to find everything I'm wearing in the app.

Thanks for reading and shopping with me! If you have any questions I am an email or direct message away, and available to answer them.