THE colour trend that I am seeing everywhere in fashion for the start of 2019 seems to be Neon Green. You know the one, hurts your eyes, looks like a highlighter... BUT some people are truly pulling it off. This is not my colour personally, but some people love it, and I have pulled together examples of people wearing it so well!

Celebrity styling is typically on an unattainable level for most... so I shared how other people on instagram are following the trend right now.

TIP: This colour is difficult to wear! My suggestion would be that if you love it and want it in your life look for accessories like a toque, heels, or jewelry first.

Sweaters and swimsuits are quite popular and look great, plus they seem to be the easy to dress and wear. This colour would work really well in athleisure/athletic style clothing!

Where can you get yours?

Urban Outfitters

Toque - Urban Outfitters

Sunglasses - Urban Outfitters

Tommy Hilfiger

Sweater - Tommy Hilfiger


Sock Boot - Zara


Sweater - H&M


Tank - LuLuLemon


Leggings - Nike

We will have to wait it out and see if the colour becomes a trend or quickly becomes a fad.

BUT, it is still fun to play with colour especially wild ones such as this!