My Top 5 Gift Giving Guide - For Women

Updated: Jan 29, 2019

I won't waste much of your time in this blurb that tends to come before the "important part" of the blog post. However, I wanted to touch on the fact that I listened to some very inspirational women today talk about the ways in which they would love to give back, specifically to other women. There is a lot to get caught up in during the holiday season, and part of that does have a materialistic component to it, in most peoples lives that is. So, before I share this guide on what to buy the women in your life, or maybe treat yourself to this holiday season, take a moment to look around, and see if someone in your life is struggling, and could use a helpful hand. They could be close to you, or even an acquaintance, but a kind gesture can go a long way no matter who you are giving it to. I was given a reminder today that giving kindness, joy, and warmth is one of the greatest Christmas gifts anyone can receive, and wanted to share this with others.

Although what I am about to share (a gift giving guide), may seem counter-intuitive to what is written above, I have individually picked out this short and meaningful list of items knowing that they have the potential to be very special to those who receive them. Each gift has a lot of thought behind it, and is a suggestion for giving to those you love, while in some cases giving back.


1. Thomas Sabo Charm Club Charm Bracelet

This is a gift I have personally received, and it is very special because the wearer can continue to pick out meaningful charms for their bracelet and build something unique for themselves. Another thoughtful aspect is the engraving that can be done to the charms, creating a one of a kind gift. The bracelets are Stirling Silver and come with a box that keep them from tarnishing.

2. The Perfect Cozy Sweater - Everlane

Giving this sweater supports business transparency, ethical workplaces/factories, and quality as the company sources the finest materials and brings them to customers at a reasonable price that is broken down on their website. This particular sweater comes in an abundance of colours and is 100% Mongolian Cashmere.

3. TOMS Metallic Woven Vegan Sneakers

Every women wears sneakers, and I picked this particular pair not only for their desirable aesthetic, but because TOMS "helps provide shoes, sight, water, safe birth, and bullying prevention services to people in need" when you purchase their products.

4. Warby Parker Sunglasses

This is a classic pair of quality polarized sunglasses at a reasonable price that she can always feel good about wearing. The best part is when you buy a pair you are giving a pair to someone who needs them, and this includes glasses.

5. Fazl Socks

Not only are these sold in our local mall (Park Place), but socks are the gift that never goes old. They are affordable, adorable, and comfortable. Perfect to have poking out of your winter boots. They also give 50% of the profits to orphaned children, while the women who work to create the socks receive fair wages.

And so there you have it, my short, but ever so thoughtful gift guide for this 2018 holiday season. I hope it provides you with new ideas for what to purchase the ones you love at the least, and that everyone has a Merry Christmas!

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