Beginners Shopping Guide to the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2019

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is open to the public now and things are definitely selling out fast! There are so many good deals on amazing quality pieces. The discounts are ranging from 15-40% in most cases for BRAND NEW fall clothes and accessories from loved and trusted brands. I have updated all of my links to reflect what I bought and what I loved in store today too, and to replace what has already sold out.

Seriously, before I get into this though I have to say how amazing this sale is. It's all new clothes coming out before fall starts, and there are so many great pieces for mix and matching in your wardrobe. I had the time of my life shopping this sale and trying on clothes, and knowing I was not going to pay full price for any of it made it that much better! If you're here to get some shopping done, then just know that everything is linked so you can either click on the images OR the text that is underlined and sand coloured.

Okay, back to the clothes. I'll be sharing everything I purchased while I was shopping the sale in Calgary today, and why I purchased them. I'm also sharing all the other great pieces I think are worth purchasing in my shopping made easy section.

One quick note: I really don't know why the prices vary between in store and shopping online, but they do. I'll let you know what I paid in store versus online, but I still think in store is cheaper because you don't pay duties if you're Canadian like me! And yes, all of the prices I'm sharing are in CAD. If you are a US shopper just know that I am jealous, and the deals and shipping are even better for you!

Okay, now we can really talk about the clothes!

The boots I purchased were in the catalog this year, and I absolutely loved them in store! They are the Sam Edelman Hiltin Knee High Boots in praline. They are the perfect colour for fall. I love the shape, and I plan on wearing them over skinny jeans or with dresses. They were $194.90 in store, are $205.02 online and will go back up to $307.67 when the sale ends on August 4th.

I was hoping to also pick up the Vince Camuto Gigietta Ankle Booties, on the right, but they were all sold out in my size, so I am hoping they restock them! They were $129.90 in the store I believe, and are $136.63 online, but will go back up to $205.09.

I only ended up buying one pair of jeans from the sale and they were definitely a splurge. I am in love with them though because they are so chic, but comfortable too! They are something I plan on wearing lots because you can dress them up or down with heels or sneakers. They are from the brand AG and were $213.90 in store, $205.02 online, and will go back up to $307.73 when the sale ends!

Next I picked up two outrageously cute tops! I was sad to find out that the Nordstrom in Calgary does not carry Free People anymore though. So, I couldn't pick up a couple of the tops I posted about in my posts, plus they are sold out online. If they re-stock I will be posting about it, and hopefully purchasing them in my size! Tops seemed to be really popular and selling fast, as well as cardigans and shoes.

I did purchase the Thermal Henley Top in Oatmeal by the brand Socialite. I did size up to a medium to have a little more room, and not have it quite so fitted. It is super soft, and extremely versatile, plus I think it will be really great for layering when the weather gets colder. It was $31.90 in store, $34.06 online, and will go back up to $51.97.

The other top I purchased was the Harper Long Sleeve top from All In Favour. I personally think this pumpkin spice colour is absolutely gorgeous and will work so well for fall, but I loved all of the other colours and prints they offered too. I am so excited to wear it to work with either jeans or pants; untucked or tucked in. It was lightweight, but not see through, and incredibly easy to move around in. (I really don't like stuffy blouses that are uncomfortable to move around in or constantly have to be re-adjusted). I purchased this one for $38.90 in store, it's 43.63 online, and will go back up to $67.02.

I also picked up three gorgeous cardigans that were so comfortable and chic (my favourite combination). The first is the Leith Long Line Cardigan in Beige on sale for $55.90 in store, $62.78 online, and will go back up to $94.37. They had lots of gorgeous colours for this one, I'm pretty tempted to pick out another!

The next cardigan is the Caslon Hooded Cardigan. This wasn't one I knew about going into the sale, but I loved it, especially the cinching ties inside of the cardigan, as well as the sewn cuffs. This cardigan is the perfect length for my arms and is super soft! I paid $58.90 in store, it's $72.35 online, and will go up to $108.05.

The third cardigan I chose is a Wool and Cashmere blend. It was so soft in the store and the colour is irresistible. So, I did not mind splurging on this one a little bit. It's the Wool and Cashmere Long Cardigan from Halogen, and it looks so good on! It was $152.90 in store, $181.77 online, and will go back up to $272.17. (If you buy it in store that's over $100 saved!!!).

The last item I purchased is one of my absolute favourites out of everything to my surprise. It's the Festivite Lace Plunge Bra from Chantelle Lingerie. I'm honestly worried about this new love I have found for really nice bras because they are not cheap. But you know what, we are WORTH IT. And believe me when I say this bra looked beautiful on, it just fit so perfectly, in ways I didn't know a bra could fit. So it was a bit of a magical moment for me in the fitting room. Even though it was $76.90 I had to buy it. I felt so damn good wearing it. It is $76.45 online, and will go back up to $114.89 (I still would've bought it at that price). If you are a part of the IBTC than this bra is definitely for you! Plus the padding is removable! Okay, I'm done, I just really love this bra.

I hope this helps with your Nordstrom Sale shopping! Please let me know if you have questions, I'd love to answer them. I will have more links to all of the cute and purchase worthy things I found live and in person today in my shopping made easy section! Everything I purchased was in my regular size too unless I specified otherwise (small for tops and cardigans, 26 in jeans/pants, 6 in shoes, and 32B for the bra). You can also check out my Instagram page to see me trying on everything I purchased in my stories.


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